Fast, cheap and highly effective

Facebook and Twitter make up just 2% of all email traffic so emails are the foundation of any marketing and sales activity. Here at Mental Media, we can design your campaign around your key messages and branding.

We can provide you with templates so that you can edit your content and maintain a consistent email presence. The best thing about it is, the design will be mobile responsive.
As you know, our team love to get creative, that is why we also offer bespoke one -off email campaigns designed and developed to promote a particular product, service or offer.

“By the end of 2018, worldwide mobile email users are expected to total over 2.2 billion”

Keep it real, keep it regular

We’ve developed a system where you can add your content to your subscriber list and we’ll send the emails, newsletters, offers or anything else you want to tell your customers about, via our servers.

Email marketing allows you repeated contact with your clients; the information is there in their inbox!

We’re pretty geeky if we’re honest, so let us manage your campaign for you. We will ensure this goes out on the right day, at the right time for maximum reach and engagement.

Analytics and reporting

As soon as your campaign has been sent out, you are immediately able to track the results online through your own secure login area, giving you a detailed analysis which includes the information below. This can then be downloaded as a PDF document, allowing you to continually monitor your marketing campaign over time and track the results.

Adjacent to this, the system will also fully manage your subscribers and their actions in response to receiving the email. Whether this is in the form of the email not being received or the user unsubscribing from your mailing list, this is all managed automatically for you.